Fundraising Ideas

Getting Started

Until you’ve been touched by breast cancer in some way, it’s difficult to understand just how much it can change a life.  That’s why so many of those who walk do it for someone dear to them. When you think of it in those terms, fundraising somehow seems like a pretty simple task.  Here are a few steps to get you started:


Remember why you are walking.  Many times when others see that you care, they will want to help too.  A simple way to look at it is that you can ask 25 people for $4 or 4 people for $25.  Every penny counts!


Tell everyone what you are doing and focus on getting the word out.  After hearing about your goal from friends or family, it is very common that people will come to you without you having to ask! 


Use our sample donation letter enclosed to personalize your own.  Send it out with a donation form with an envelope enclosed. Speak from your heart with passion, and spread your enthusiasm about this worthy cause.


Don’t forget all the people that you know, including doctors, dentists, insurance agents, neighbors, hair dressers, teachers and others. Don’t forget the people you work with, the people you do business with and the people at churches or clubs you belong to. The worst they can say is no!


Fundraising activities are another way to raise funds and awareness. Bake sales, garage sales, lunch parties and more are all possibilities. Use your imagination. Review all of your fundraising activities, enhance those that work and be open to trying something new.


Take full advantage of online tools to spread the word: Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Sometimes friends of friends are happy to join you if they have also been affected by breast cancer. 


Genuinely show appreciation for any amount that you are given. A “thank you” is a must! Try to get notes out within one week. Acknowledging the donation is your way of expressing your appreciation and helping to ensure a donation for next year.


Keep up with your donations by maintaining accurate records.  Sometimes you may have “meant” to forward a donation, and it accidentally got misplaced.  Be sure to keep your donations together, and log all names and amounts so that you can send thank you cards.  You also have a head-start for next year by having them all in one place!

Fundraising Ideas

  • Send out letters and e-mails to family and friends telling them about the event and your reasons for participating.  Make it personal with the story of who you wish to honor.
  • Denim Day at Work: If allowed, charge a $5 donation to wear jeans at work!
  • Host a raffle: local merchants donate products, services or gift certificates.
  • Hold a bake sale or yard sale.
  • Hold The Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, etc. parties to donate a percentage of sales.
  • Do a 50-50 raffle. Charge $1.00 per ticket; the winner gets half and donate the rest.
  • Distribute Spare Change canisters at the office, getting everyone to donate their change of any amount.
  • At work, keep a chart of your progress.  Share your milestones, and others will find ownership in your success.
  • Plan a spaghetti-dinner, a church auction, or other event and charge for admission.
  • Have a car wash.
  • Have a restaurant or bar donate a portion of sales for a day or a weekend.
  • Hold a bachelor/bachelorette auction.
  • Sell a team cookbook.
  • Speak to other walkers for ideas.